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A glitch in the matrix

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Update: The issue has been resolved and was indeed a cookie conflict.


Cookie Conflict

There’s a slight issue with the forums at the moment. I’m gonna have to run now, but I will fix this as soon as I get home. (Hopefully within 2-3 hours.)

The problem SHOULD fix itself if a user clears his/her cookies and then restarts the browser, but at least Liopo and Chris had issues with this.

I’ll be on it as soon as possible, but I have to run for now! Sorry!


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The move is finally over and now all that remains is working out the kinks. There’s a short list of things I broke in the move, which I intend to fix.

Liopo just visited me on IRC and gave me some decent feedback on the changes. One thing he mentioned not being a fan of was the new style for the forums. This new style was mainly selected in order to mix things up. This is no way a locked setting and I can change mostly anything about it. I couldn’t find the actual style I wanted, so I decided to go with something that was just fundamentally different from what we had before. I decided this so that I could get some more feedback on what people want from styles (or even if someone has a specific style they want to have installed).

I look forward to getting more feedback and if not, then just seeing people actually use the forum (and the new chat) and just assume people like it the way it is. At least we’re no longer tied to a domain and webhotel we have little control over.

Welcome Violence Reborn! I hope we shall enjoy our stay here for as long as it’s possible! =)

Ding Dong Deathwing is Dead

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So we finally killed that bitch. Deathwing is now killed and that puts Violence Reborn at 8/8 in normal Dragon Soul! I’ll be posting a screenshot tomorrow, but for now I’m just too tired and need some sleep! \o/

Crawling out of the disaster

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I won’t go as far as to say World of Warcraft is dying, but it has been getting some decent competition lately. This means the population has diminished slightly and the guild-o-sphere is suffering due to this. It’s not like all the guilds are falling apart, but you can tell that a lot of younger guilds have started disbanding on some ┬álevel and the older ones have started contemplating options. The only guilds that have little trouble at all are the ones with a steady influx of new members due to active recruitment.

Violence Reborn has found itself on the verge of a crossroads. We have discussed our options thorougly (and some discussions are still going on), but we are determined to keep going. This means we will be making an effort to gain more visibility on Blade’s Edge, but this also means we will be trying to recruit more actively in order to add fresh meat to our merry band of crazies.

If you play on Blade’s Edge or would like to start/transfer there, feel free to come talk to us. We’re always looking for new recruits. =)

Hopefully I’ll be able to add a presentation and general information about Violence Reborn on this site. But all the rest can be found on our forums.

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